Convert Your Business Website to WordPress

A Powerful, Flexible Website for Less?

We’ve been doing quite a few websites lately. Some new ones for new clients and some redos for older clients. Without exception, saving money was a big consideration for everyone who has asked us to help with either a new site or a site overhaul. Naturally, in this crazy economy who isn’t being super careful? Continue reading

How to Integrate a WordPress Blog Into an Existing Website

Want to host a blog at your own website without redoing your whole site? You’ve come to right place. Here you’ll learn how to add a WordPress 3 blog to your existing website. There are a few conditions: you should be using PHP, CSS and XHTML and, although it isn’t essential, you should be using includes for common parts of your site like the header, menu and footer. By the way, the Twenty Twelve theme version of this is available here.

Continue reading

WordPress Plugin: Stop WordPress from Changing Code and Scripts

How annoying is it to paste some code or a script into a WordPress post or page only to have WordPress change it, or worse, delete it altogether? Pretty annoying. Maybe you want to paste in a Facebook Like script or some Wufoo form code. Often, WordPress will just remove the code or break it. There’s a clever WordPress plugin that can resolve all of that. Continue reading