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About River Graphics

River Graphics, a New Jersey graphic design and web design firm, offers creative graphic design and web design services to organizations and businesses in the New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Washington, DC region.

We are expert at WordPress websites for organizations of all sizes.

We have extensive experience with all manner of business collateral, including:

  • annual reports
  • brochures
  • exhibition graphics
  • trade shows
  • logos
  • stationery
  • advertisements
  • infographics
  • promotional collateral
  • and much more…
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Some of our clients, past and present, large and small

  • Academic Progression in Nursing
  • Advanced Heart and Vascular Institute
  • Alan McIlvain Company
  • Albert Einstein Medical Center
  • Amerada Hess Corporation
  • American Association of Colleges of Nursing
  • American Organization of Nurse Executives
  • AT&T
  • Bailiwick Company
  • Benetton Sports Systems
  • Berlitz International
  • Burness Communications
  • College of New Jersey
  • DeAnna’s Restaurant
  • Firminich
  • French Culinary Institute
  • Gallup Organization
  • Green House Project
  • Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing
  • La Chele Medical Aesthetics
  • Manassas Law Group
  • Minno Wasko
  • New Jersey American Society of Landscape Architects
  • Nordica
  • PCK Media
  • Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life
  • Pew Hispanic Center
  • Pew Research Center
  • Philadelphia Consultation Center
  • Prince Sports Group
  • Princeton Alumni Weekly
  • Princeton Survey Research
  • Project for Excellence in Journalism
  • Real Estate Solutions Group
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • RWJF Scholars in Health Policy Research
  • Rollerblade
  • Royal China & Porcelain Company
  • Scholars in Health Policy Research
  • Simplex Americas
  • Trenton Historical Society
  • United Stations Radio Networks

What we do

Websites Graphic

We specialize in WordPress websites. WordPress is an amazing platform that can look like and do almost anything. There are many reasons we love WordPress but here are just a few:

  1. WordPress is powerful. With hundreds of free and commercial plugins available, WordPress can do just about anything. From comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) to complex membership and e-commerce websites, there are WordPress plugins that will work for you.
  2. WordPress is mobile-friendly. Having a website that works well on mobile devices is critical. In fact the major search engines have begun to lower the rankings of non-mobile-friendly websites.
  3. WordPress gives you control of your website. Robust administration lets you manage your website yourself. You can edit, delete or create new pages; add video; even change the menu. If you aren’t interested in maintaining your site on your own, we can do it for you.
  4. WordPress is easy to use. Unlike many content management systems (CMS), WordPress is not super complicated or overkill for most business websites, yet it’s very feature rich.
  5. Great SEO. WordPress on its own works well with the major search engines. Adding a few plugins makes it an SEO powerhouse.

Cloud Backup Graphic

Two of the best things a WordPress website owner can do to help guard against hacking or other calamities (like server problems) is to 1) do regular offsite backups and 2) keep the WordPress core files, the plugins, and the themes up to date.

Backups: if your website is hacked, or if your web hosting server has a bad malfunction, reliable, easy-to-restore backups help you get back to normal fast.

Updates: it’s really important to keep your WordPress core files, the plugins, and the themes at the current version. New versions of the WordPress core files, plugins, and themes are released as often as every couple of weeks. They are usually security updates to help stop potential hacks and other malicious activity.

We offer two plans:

The backup plan stores backups of the WordPress files and database at a cloud server. Backups happen at least once a week and we generally keep 10 weeks of backups. One of the great things about the backup plugin we use is that it’s a cinch to restore a backup if disaster strikes.

The backup/updates plan includes backups but also keeps your WordPress core files, plugins, and themes current. The backup/updates plan also includes two security plugins that keep out uninvited guests.

Email us, complete the contact form, or call 609-397-0944 to get started.

Websites Graphic

Our print graphic design projects include: infographics; annual reports, data reports and information reports; charts, graphs and maps, brochures and catalogs; ads and packaging design; and display, trade show and exhibit graphics.

Every print project is available as an Adobe Acrobat PDF for electronic distribution like on your website or emailing. In fact many projects are just PDFs which can have links from one page to another page, links to web pages and videos, links to Microsoft Powerpoint presentations and links other PDFs.

Identity Graphic

An organization’s identity is how it presents itself to the world. Your organization’s logo and brand are the cornerstones of identity design. Its collateral, stationery and how your logo is used help define your identity. Some of the identity-related services we provide are:

  • Brand and identity guidelines
  • Logo and stationery design
  • Collateral design
  • Brochure design
  • Catalog design
  • Advertising design
  • Packaging design
  • Book design
  • Display, trade show and exhibit graphics
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