Logo design is one the most important yet most difficult tasks for any business or organization. An organization’s logo is what visually represents them in the world. Logo design comes in essentially three varieties: a graphic only, stylized type (logotype) and a combination of both where an abstract symbol is paired with logotype.

Symbol Logo Design

Logotype Logo Design

Graphic and Type Logo Design

Your logo design should communicate a who you are.

Your logo design should reflect who your organization is. It should do so in a way that only an image or a type can do. It doesn’t need to be literal, it can communicate a vibe, a personality. For example, if your company does health care consulting, having a rod of Asclepius or Caduceus in your logo is probably not the greatest idea. Try to avoid cliches and the obvious. More to the point, it probably says nothing about your organization that sets you apart.

Are you friendly, no-nonsense, authoritative, hard-hitting, a gentle touch, serious, flexible, reliable, laid back, aggressive? A well-designed logo can convey a feeling of who your organization is. Good logo design should communicate what your company is about.

Think about the logos we all know. The Facebook F, the Twitter bird, the Nike swoosh, the AT&T globe, Exxon Mobil, FedEx, and so on.  They say nothing about sporting goods, telephone services, oil and overnight delivery. Instead, they give the customer a feeling, a vibe, of what they’re about.